Events & Meetings

The 55rd Annual Meeting of SSN was held in Lausanne 7-8 December 2023.

We congratulate Arnaud Lyon from Lausanne onwinning the YSN Award with his talk on: Spatial RNA sequencing and mass cytometry identify estrogen-dependent control of neutrophils activation as a protective mechanism in renal ischemia-reperfusion injury.

The ERA – National Society of Nephrology Grant won Anna Rinaldi from Lugano with her talk on: Identification of a novel senolytic compound to prevent chronic kidney injury and fibrosis. Congratulations!

Two of YSN members from the University Hospital of Zurich won the Poster Prize. Congratulations!

The 1st Award went to Lukas Weidmann for his talk on: Proteinuria and type of allograft injury indentify kidney transplant recipients benefiting most from Belatacept conversion.

The 2nd Prize went to Nicolas Schmid for his talk on: Isolated glomerulitis is associated with the absence of molecular AMR in cases with histologically suspected and confirmed AMR.

We congratulate Nathalie Merkel from Lugano for winning the Picture Challenge!


Participate in the Translational Nephrology CAS/DAS offered in collaboration by the University of Zurich and the University of Bern and get a solid foundation of renal physiology  and pathophysiology. The whole programme is made up of six 4-month modules: every module starts with a kick-off session, continues with e-learning activities (supported by excellent online resources) and finishes with a return session. By completing the whole program, you are entitled to receive the Certificate/Diploma of Advance Studies.

2024_02 TN Nephrology - Module 1 salt, water and hypertension.pdf

Module 1: Salt, Water and Hypertension runs from
22 March to 28 June 2024

The Module Tutors are: Johannes Loffing, Eric Féraille, Grögoire Wuerzner.

You can expect to gain knowledge and understanding of:

Deadline for registration 15 March 2024: Please register online on the website of University Bern.