Events & Meetings

YSN at SSN Annual Meeting

We successfully held the first YSN Session at the 53rd Annual Meeting of SSN on Thursday 9 December 2022.

We want to thank all participants of both the Young Swiss Nephrology Award and the Picture-Challenge. We believe that all participants and the audience enjoyed the Session and that it encouraged you to actively participate next year.

Congratulations to Julia Meier from USZ for winning the Picture-Challenge with her unique case of Erdheim-Chester disease and to the winner of the YSN Award Christian Kuhn from Inselspital for his excellent (possibly practice-changing) talk on the Relevance of Deceased Donor Urine Findings for Kidney Transplantation.


17 December 2021

International Meeting of the French Society of Hypertension: 100% digital, 100% gratis.

Nephro Winter School 2022 - Programm.pdf

Nephro Winter School (De/Fr/Eng)

14-15 Januar 2022

The traditional nephro winter school in Murten runs ONLINE in 2022. Fill in the registration form till 7 Januar 2022.


27-28 January 2022

Although a postgraduate course on kidney is missing this year. The STS Annual Meeting is still worth visiting.


17-19 March 2022

A traditional educational Seminar in Heidelberg.

4-5 April 2022

A comprehensive, introductory course on organ transplantation organized by The European Society for Organ Transplantation.

19-22 May 2022

Abstract submission: 8 Nov 2021 - 10 Jan 2022.
Travel grant deadline application till 10 Jan 2022.

9-10 September 2022

Update yourself on 2022 Nephrology. Wait with your registration for a special offer from YSN/SGN.

4-7 October 2022

French Society of Nephrology annual meeting. Abstract submission opening March 2022.

2021.10.20 invitation to participate to module 6 SGN_SSN.pdf

Participate in the Translational Nephrology CAS/DAS organized in collaboration with specialists from NCCR Kidney.CH and get a solid foundation of renal physiology and pathophysiology. The whole programme is made up of six 4-month modules: every module starts with a kick-off session, continues with e-learning activities (supported by excellent online resources) and finishes with a return session. By completing the whole program, you are entitled to receive the Certificate of Advance Studies from the University of Bern (and soon University of Zurich).

Module 6 on Inflammation and Immunology runs from 26 November 2021 to 25 March 2022.
(registration is closed)