Continuing Medical Education

From 2021, the SSN's CME training (Continuing Medical Education) will be redesigned. By means of case-based workshops, the important clinical problems in the field of renal replacement therapy, general nephrology, and transplantation will be covered in a three-year curriculum. Various practical workshops are also integrated: nephropathology, AV fistula examination, or urine sediment analysis.
YSN members pay a reduced registration fee.

Another aim of YSN is to facilitate the access to research activities for young swiss nephrology trainees. Almost 90% of you believe that young nephrologists should have easier access to research (YSN Survey 2021). We are excited to announce the first YSN Research Day organized by YSN in cooperation with industrial partners and taking place in March 2023 in Bern.

The 2022 CME Days on 2-3 September in Aarau were a great success.
Look forward to 2023 CME Days in Basel.

1st YSN research day 20230324 - SAVEtheDATE.pdf

YSN Research Day

Save the date for the first YSN Research Day organized in Bern 24 March 2023. You can expect a full day of talks from local and international speakers including a workshop with real-life scenarios. The detailed programme will be published in the next months.


Aarau (3-4 September 2021) on urinary sediment, hypertension, dialysis. Programme (pdf).

Aarau (2-3 September 2022) on sonography, glomerular disease, complement and genetics. Programme (pdf).